Introducing i-Learn Today

Your Ultimate Online Tutor Management System

i-Learn Today ("i-Learn") is an intuitive online platform that connects teachers seeking to offer tutoring services with students looking to boost their academic performance. Designed to serve school-age students, i-Learn Today offers a secure environment where parents can easily shortlist, interview, and book trusted educators for after-school coaching.

Tutoring has long been a trusted method for students to gain an academic edge, opening doors to brighter opportunities. With i-Learn's advanced scheduling system, parents can conveniently manage coaching sessions from their own homes.

When it's time for a session, both tutor and student log in to the i-Learn Today portal using a standard PC, tablet or mobile. The platform's cutting-edge video conferencing tool makes face-to-face online tutoring seamless and convenient.

From initial engagement and resource downloads to comprehensive testing and reporting, i-Learn Today provides a streamlined experience that effortlessly connects students and educators in an innovative and effective learning environment.

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